FOMBI 1000cc - This category is open for everyone. A team having members no more than 20; can participate in FOMBI 1000cc with a readymade, self-made or customized off-road vehicle. The race will be conducted in four rounds on Garage1 Race Track.

 Hill Climb- Qualifying, 150 points

Procedure- The vehicle will be challenged to climb on a slope of less than or equal to 70 degrees over 80ft of length. There would be only three attempts offered to the vehicle to finish this activity. The vehicle has to climb the hill in order to participate further in the event.

 Mud Walker- Qualifying, 150 points

Procedure- As the name reflects; the car would be pushed into 50m long track full of mud. Cars qualifying in the mud-walker will be allowed to participate in endurance race.

 Endurance Race- 700 points

Procedure- Endurance will be conducted in four rounds; one on each day. Each round of endurance carries 175 points. The endurance would be of 30 laps while the lap length would be 2.8Km max.

  • Day 0- Team Registration and Reporting, Pit Allocation, Drivers Briefing.
  • Day 1- Hill Climb, Mud Walker, Trial Run, Endurance Round 1.
  • Day 2- Endurance Round 2.
  • Day 3- Endurance Round 3.
  • Day 4- Endurance Round 4, Prize Distribution Ceremony.

One Time Participation Fee Per Team – INR 34,999/- (Inclusive of Taxes)

 Technical Regulations

FOMBI 1000cc there are no fabricational rules other than the below mentioned–

  • Track Width- Not More than 55"
  • Safety Gear- Click here to see
  • Fire Extinguisher- One Unit of 2Kg, ABC type mounted on Vehicle and one Unit of 5Kg, ABC Type with Crew Members.
  • Seat Belt- 5/6 Point Harness, Click here to see the installation
  • Roll Cage Bracing- If any car is being modified, the enough and sufficient roll cage bracings must be provided. Also, the analysis reports of such vehicles can be asked during the event.