Driver's Requirements-
  • Age- Every team is supposed to have two drivers and both the drivers must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Driver's Licence- Each driver must have a valid Driver's Licence (Four Wheeler) issued by the Government of India (Learner's licence not allowed). Both drivers must provide a licence copy when insisted by Technical Committee.
  • Medical Insurance with full Accidental Cover- Both the drivers must have a valid medical insurance with full accidental cover, which must be presented on the event site when asked by the officers.

 Rules Authority

There are several rules and restrictions, which are to be followed by each and every team. Indian Society of New Era Engineers reserves right to modify each and every rule associated with the event. Violation of rules by anyone of the participating member may be liable to be penalized severely, inclusive of and up to debarring of the team from the competition at any stage or withdrawal of award/awards, as well.

 Validity of the Rules

The rules will be same throughout the event and any amendments will immediately be made known to all the participating teams through emails and the same will be uploaded on the website and

 Rule Compliance

By registering for this event the team, members of the team as individuals, faculty advisors and other personnel of the college and university agree to comply with, and be bound by, these rules and all rule interpretations or procedures issued or announced by ISNEE. All team members, faculty advisors and other university representatives are required to cooperate with, and follow all instructions from competition organizers, officials and judges.

  • All the technical queries will only be answered through proper mailing channel. None of the technical queries will be entertained on telephones.
  • Teams will need to submit their weekly reports via mails. Failing to do so will lead to penalties.
  • None of the queries regarding the event will be entertained after 15 days from the end of the event.
 Right to Impound

Indian Society of New Era Engineers reserves the right to impound any onsite registered vehicle at any time or at the stage during the competition for inspection and the examination by organizers, officials and technical inspectors.)

  • Unsportsman like Conduct- In the event of unsportsmanlike conduct, the team will receive a warning from an official. A second violation will result in expulsion of the team from the competition. Failure of a team member to follow an instruction or command directed specifically to that team or team member would result in a twenty-five (25)-point penalty.
  • Arguments with Officials- Argument with, or disobedience to, any official may result in the team being eliminated from the competition. All members of the team may be immediately escorted from the grounds.
  • Smoking and Illegal Material- Alcohol, illegal drugs, weapons or other illegal material are prohibited on the event site during the competition. This rule will be in effect during the entire competition. Any violation of this rule by a team member will cause the expulsion of the entire team. This applies to both team members and faculty advisors. Any use of drugs, or the use of alcohol by an underage individual, will be reported to the local authorities for prosecution.
 Vehicle Related

Vehicle Movement- Vehicles may not move under their own power anywhere but on the practice or competition tracks. Off track vehicles must be pushed at a normal walking pace by means of Push Bar/members pushing the vehicle, with all four (4) wheels on the ground, a team member sitting in the cockpit to steer and brake and with another team member walking beside the car. During performance events when the excitement is high, it is particularly important that the car be moved at a slow pace in the pits. Violation of this rule will result directly into the 25 points penalty.

Other Penalties-

  • Violation of rules- 100 points/ disqualification
  • Misbehaviour/arguments with officials or volunteers- 100 points/ disqualification
  • Tampering with TI sticker or making restricted changes in vehicle after TI- 100 points/disqualification
  • Entry without permission on tracks- 100 points/ disqualification
  • Intentional damage of track/tent/other properties will result to the penalty of Rs 5000/- or more on the team also prize and certificates will not be awarded to the particular team/team member.