Formula Off-road Mini Baja India also known as FOMBI is an off-road racing series for all the all-terrain vehicles falling under 305cc and 1000cc. FOMBI is formulated especially for those who have strong passion and desire to do remarkable in the field of motor sports. The competition consists of two categories-

 FOMBI 305cc

FOMBI 305cc - FOMBI 305cc is the student design competition and meant for Indian BAJA Teams; participating at national or international level. FOMBI 305cc will be following the technical rules set by SAE International for SAE Baja.


FOMBI 1000cc - This category is open for everyone; i.e., student or professional. A team can participate in FOMBI 1000cc with a readymade, self-made or customized off-road vehicle having capacity less than or equal to 1000cc.

All races of Formula Off-road Mini Baja India are powered by Garage 1 Utility Vehicles Pvt Ltd