Drivers Safety Gear

Drivers Safety Gear- The following are the minimum requirements and restrictions that will be enforced through technical inspection, at any stage of competition. Noncompliance if any observed by the inspection/organizing/judging committee members must be corrected and no vehicles without passing the technical inspection would be allowed to participate further in the event. All the parts of Driver's Safety Gear must meet the required rating (specified). No driver would be allowed to drive the vehicle without the complete driver's safety gear in any of the dynamic event. The complete driver's safety gear of GKDC will consist of the following items:

 Driver's Suit

Driver's Suit- A fire resistant one-piece, multilayer suit that covers the body from the neck down to the ankles and the wrists. The minimum acceptable certification required - SFI 3.2A/5


Underclothing- It is strongly recommended that all drivers wear fire resistant underclothing (long pants and long sleeve t-shirt) under their approved driving suit. This fire resistant underclothing should be made from an acceptable fire resistant material and should cover the driver’s body completely from neck down to ankles and also the wrists.


Helmet- A well-fitting closed face helmet that meets one of the following certifications and is labeled as such

  • DOT
  • Snell K2000, K2005, K2010, M2000, M2005, M2010, SA2000, SA2005, SA2010 or equivalent
  • SFI 31.2A, SFI 31.1/2005
  • FIA 8860-2004, FIA 8860-2010

Open-faced and motocross helmets are not allowed. All helmets to be used in the competition must be presented during Technical Inspection where approved helmets will be stickered. The organizer reserves the right to impound all non-approved helmets until the end of the competition.


Balaclava-A balaclava which covers the driver's head, hair and neck, made from an acceptable fire resistant material as or a full helmet skirt of acceptable fire resistant material. The balaclava requirement applies to drivers of either gender, with any hair length.

 Neck Support

Neck Support-The neck support must be a full circle (360°) and SFI rated. Horseshoe collars are not allowed. Simpson, RCI, GForce, Deist or Leaf Racing Products supply neck collars that meet this requirement.


Gloves-SFI Rated Gloves.


Shoes-Fire resistant shoes made from acceptable fire resistant material shoes must be certified to the standard and labeled as such:

  • SFI 3.3
  • FIA 8856-2000
  • OMP
  • Puma Ferrari/BMW/Equivalent

Note: Sport shoes/Canvas shoes/Leather shoes/Industrial safety shoes are not allowed at any point of the event.


Socks-Fire resistant socks made from acceptable fire resistant material, which covers the bare skin between the driver’s suit and the boots or shoes.